Ways to make money fast — what everyone wants

Ways to Make Money Fast — What Everyone Wants

Let’s face it! Everyone seems to be obsessive about making money. They have their own reasons why they’d need a lot of money. Reasons like making do, buying a new house, purchasing a new car, purchasing an XBOX, and it doesn’t end there. Because, making money fast? C’mon you would have to be a counterfeiter to be able to do that, or you’ve got to have stole a lot of banks, or perhaps a bounty hunter who captured the most dangerous terrorist in the world. Well, that is not how you make money fast. You are speculating with your own life if you would do that. You can make money fast safer and with much lesser risk. How does one do it, you ask? Well there are a number of ways to make money fast. You go with the traditional ways like cutting the turf or babysitting, or maybe selling lemonades. You can make money fast that way. But then again everybody would want to earn bigger than the ones you would earn by doing traditional ways of fast money making. If you want to sell old things directly to people or thru the Net, thru eBay or Amazon.com, you can also make money fast. You can even sell your blood to those who need it, but you cannot do this all of the time since your body needs to recover the quantity of blood taken away from you.

But the famous and most common ways nowadays are those that are regarded as unconventional ways. These unconventional ways are basically done online or in the web. Folks in the web essentially pay a respectable amount of money when you do jobs for them and generally higher than the salary a conventional job can offer.

Here are a few examples of these ways to make money fast. To start off, content writing, is one of the most popular ways to make money fast. With content writing, you are paid from 3$ to 40$ with each content that you can submit. An alternate way is take up surveys to get paid. Yes, this is true . Companies are dying to know what their customers think and how they feel about their products that they are willing to pay as much as a hundred bucks just to know what you believe. Isn’t this great, or what? Another good way to make money fast is to sell your own skills or your areas of experience in online marketplaces. A lot of folk would bid for the projects that an employer would want to offer.

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The 000-440 exam preparation material offered by certmagic is very comprehensive and covers all exam questions that need to be covered to pass the 000-440 exam

000-440 certification

The 000-440 exam preparation material offered by certmagic is very comprehensive and covers all exam questions that need to be covered to pass the 000-440 exam. Professionals and experts at certmagic are very dedicated and they prepare exam study guides and exam practice tests with great effort.

Exam notes and exam guides prepared by our professionals gives you powerful material that will prepare you for the day of exam. Learning exercises and learning guides on

000-440 exam study material will help you to enhance your skills and knowledge.

We guarantee your success in 000-440 exams and we assure you that you will be successful after preparing from our study guides, because here we provide you complete study solutions and practice and assessment kits. Exam practice tests provide you a greater opportunity to test your knowledge and skills that you need to be good at to pass the 000-440 exam.

The exam study material provided by certmagic is very useful and gives you very useful and interactive material. In our exam notes you will the accurate and up-to-date information .our up-to-date education material will guide you along the path of success.  Certmagic guarantees you success and assures you that you will pass the 000-440  practice exam at the very first attempt.

At certmagic we are always striving to provide you the unique study tips that will lead you ultimately to success.

The exam study material provided by certmagic is very useful and gives you very useful and interactive material. In our exam notes you will the accurate and up-to-date information .our up-to-date education material will guide you along the path of success.  Certmagic guarantees you success and assures you that you will pass the 000-440 practice exam at the very first attempt.

At certmagic we are always striving to provide you the unique study tips that will lead you ultimately to success.

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Proven tips & tricks to get a scholarship

Proven Tips & Tricks to Get a Scholarship

Winning a scholarship is the dream of every students but somehow it can be very tricky. It is neither easy nor difficult to get it. We all want it, but only a few get it. In reality, there are many scholarships out there, ranging from Merit to full/partial scholarship that we can get but sometimes we do not really understand how to chase them. Importantly, scholarships do not usually just get handed to you (although some lucky people do find this fortuitous world). You must do your research. So what you have to do when you are planning to search a scholarship? These following tips & trick will increase your odds of winning one of the scholarships of your dream.

* First of all, you must recognize your own need and your own financial condition. Please understand what you can expect from scholarship when you apply for it. Some schools offer to pay all your expenses, while others only pay for some particular things like room and board.

* The earlier you start the better. Start looking for scholarship at least one year before you enter the university/college.

* Never underestimate the power of search engine. Use a search engine to find scholarships program. Online searches let you focus on scholarships that fit your personal characteristics, helping you target your search to only those scholarships for which you are most likely to qualify. But, be careful. Some sites offer the visitors with promotional scholarships that may turn out to be advertisements in disguise. Make sure you know what you are signing up for when you are about to giving any personal information.

* Write a well written essay, or study how to make a great scholarship essay if you find yourself unable to do it. Some scholarships require essays and they usually receive fewer applicants. So this is really your chance. A great essay giving you a better opportunity of qualifying. Even if you do not make it through at the first place, you can keep your essay for future applications.

* Always stay positive. Applying for scholarship need patient, persistence, and determination. Do not expect your application to be successful if you only send it to one place. Send them as many as possible. Apply up to 10 or 15 scholarships, and later you will get at least 1-3 good news. This is how it works!

Using the tips mentioned above you will likely to get the scholarship that you want. The most important thing is your mentality. You must have a great will power to winning the scholarship. All the talents, GPA, and achievements can be trained but the will only come from within. So get ready to hunting scholarship!

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Research on education

Research On Education

1.0 Introduction

The Education system in the United States has undergone numerous changes over the past years. Some of the policies passed centered on the need to increase transparency in the education system, others focused on standardization of tests while others aimed at improving the performance disparities between various categories of students. This research will focus on closing achievement gaps on standardized tests. There are many ways of achieving this, however, this study will concentrate on horizontal and vertically integrated curriculums, benchmark testing, power objectives, learning communities and differentiated instruction. These methods will dwell on students in grades three to twelve. (Ainsworth, 2003)

2.0 Background to the study

The research is based on a policy called the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. This policy was passed in the year 2002 while focusing on a number of key objectives. They included; enhancing parental choices in education, increasing accountability in schools especially with regard to education and redirecting resources in education to proven methods.

Accountability was a major goal set out in the NCLB policy. This blueprint was to be achieved through yearly state objectives in three realms

  • Graduation rates for high schools
  • Attendance rates in junior high school and in elementary school
  • Language arts/ reading and math

The law required all school districts, public campuses and the state to adhere to these objectives and they called this yardstick the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).

The Adequate Yearly Progress forms the basis for determining whether states, school campuses or school districts have adhered to the policy. Those schools that perform below par will be subject to financial sanctions. For instance, if a school was receiving funding under title 1 but they register poor AYP performance for two years on end, then that school is liable to punishment. They may be required to offer supplemental services, take other corrective measures or offer school choice. By giving such sanctions, schools ought to be motivated to improve their performance levels. (Texas Education Agency, 2008)

Another measure that is similar to the AYP test is the Reading Proficiency Tests in English (RPTE). This test mostly focuses on non-natives or second language learners. The tests are a measure of the growth in language proficiency for the above mentioned students. RPTE’s are supposed to be combined with Spanish Texas Assessment Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) tests or with English TAKS. Students who are categorized as Limited English Proficient students are required to pass these tests as long as they fall within grades three to twelve. A student will have passed the tests after achieving a rating of ‘advanced’.

Besides the latter approach, the state also established as a system that measures the progress made by schools, school districts, the state and student subgroups on an annual basis. Their progress is measured against performance targets. The system is known as the Annually Measurable Objectives (AMO). Similarly, there is the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS). The purpose of the latter parameter is to assess proficiency in mathematics, writing and reading at the end of high school. (Ainsworth, 2003)

Since the NCLB, policy was passed to reduce the achievement gap between different categories of students, then it is necessary to establish some means of measuring it. Achievement gaps are determined by the differences in graduation rates and test scores between certain categories of students. The groups are largely determined by level of family income, ethnic or racial background, English proficiency and disability. Statistics indicate that these factors largely determine the nature of performance and must therefore be considered in the measurement process.

The Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) policy is relevant to the study because it is concerned with curriculum matters. The policy was mandated nine years ago and was implemented in 2002. Its purpose is to assess the curriculum status within the state. The main emphasis is on the nature of reading between Grades three and nine. TAKS also assess students in English language arts in those grades and writing in grades four and seven.

However, the latter mentioned test may not be appropriate for all students in the school environment. Consequently, the federal state came up with the State Developed Alternative Assessment (SDAA). This test focuses on students between the third and eighth grades receiving special education. Such children receive instructions under TAKS but accountability is reinforced through SDAA. (Texas Education Agency, 2008)

Any study focusing on changes in education in the US must mention the professional learning community. This is a group of teaching staff and administrators within the field of education who teamed up in order to demonstrate their commitment to learning. Professional learning communities make decisions about learning, review and visit classrooms and they collaborate with one another while working and learning. The overall result of such an effort is that teachers no longer operate in isolation. It also makes them more informed and committed to student academic gains. Professional learning communities can be regarded as an organizational arrangement. The approach can be seen as a strategy for improving and creating change within schools because it empowers school staff. It is also a platform for instructing change within schools. (Texas Education Agency, 2001)

Since the Adequate Yearly Progress blue print requires assessment of graduation rates, it is necessary to understand and compute drop out rates. Drop out rates can be divided into three major categories. The first one amongst them is status drop out rate. The latter is calculated cumulatively and indicates all the number of students who dropped out of school. The second category is called the cohort drop out rate. The latter parameter is an annual indicator of the total number of students who dropped out. Lastly, drop out rates can also be indicated through the event dropout rate. This parameter utilizes the October Current Population Survey. It indicates the number of students who dropped from school in twelve months starting from the month of October.

The credit recovery rate is also an important aspect of the study. It may be defined as a program designed to assist students in their final years (second half) in high school to graduate. It is called credit recovery because it mostly focuses on high school credit requirements. Other issues that will receive some emphasis in the study include at — risk — students, case study analysis and the Effective Learning programs.

Another program similar to the Professional Learning community is the Advanced Placement Program. This is a program applicable to colleges, universities and high schools. Its main purpose it to give high school students an opportunity to do some courses in college. It should be noted that students who can benefit from this program must be highly motivated. There is a provision for earning college level points while still being in high school. Eleven and twelve graders are eligible for the program.

3.0 Scope and delimitation of the study

This will encompass differential instruction through the use of vertical and horizontal curriculum alignment. Additionally, the issue of professional learning communities will be revisited. This study will also cover the adequate yearly progress reports and the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills tests, public and district charter schools grades between grads three through to twelve. The study will specifically examine the success of the Texas state and Texas schools. These will be analyzed with national data related to the implementation of the No Child Left Behind Policy. The success rates of these entities will be examined using High school drop out rates, C-Scope delimitation of the study, data from the Texas Education Agency and through local district data. It should be noted that the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills tests will end in the year 2012, instead, they will be required to take end year exams. This implies that the results may have a negative impact on the nature of learning and instruction within the state. Additionally, it could affect the outcomes of those student’s performances.  (Texas Education Agency, 2008)

4.0 Significance of study

The study’s major focus is on improving achievement gaps on standardized tests. This study will create a model applicable in charter and public schools. Not only will the study achieve this, but it will create a change in the field of education. Through this study, poorly performing schools will get a chance to improve based on the Adequate Yearly Progress. Additionally, well performing schools will get a chance to maintain their good records. Besides these, the study will also boost high school completion rates in blue ribbon schools through the model.

5.0 Conceptual framework

Marzano, 2003; Newman, 2007; English & Steffy, 2001 and Schmoker, 2006 conducted research on standardized tests. They all came to the conclusion that the tests improve student performance. They established that students are likely to do well in high stakes exams. Marzano (2003) asserted that a guaranteed curriculum severely affects students’ achievement. He came up with this conclusion after collecting data over a period of thirty-five years. English and Steffy (2001) asserted that when the curriculum, assessment and instruction are aligned, then students are likely to register high achievements. They drew these conclusions from a twenty-year long research conducted in the country. Newman (2007) asserts that standards must guide the curriculum in order to enhance performance. Similarly, Schmoker (2006) asserts that viable curriculums are a prerequisite to school improvements.

The study will involve an analysis of CSOPE (2007) and the curriculum based TEKS (2001) and TAKS 2008 in relation to five categories of students; White, African American, Hispanics, all students and the economically disadvantages.


Ainsworth, L. (2003). Power standards: Identifying the standards that matter the most. Englewood, CO: Advanced Learning Press.

CSCOPE (2007). Targeted success with quality curriculum. Retrieved from http://www.cscope.us/ accessed on 4th July 2008

English, F. & Steffy, B. (2001). Deep curriculum alignment: Creating a level playing field for all children on high-stakes tests of educational accountability. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Education

Marzano, R. J. (2003). What works in schools: Translating research into action. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

Newman, F. M. (2007). Improving achievement for all students: The meaning of staff shared understanding and commitment. In Hawley.W & Rollie, D. (Eds.), The keys to effective schools: Educational reform as continuous improvement (pp. 33-49). Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

Schmoker, M. (2006). Results now: How we can achieve unprecedented improvements in teaching and learning. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Texas Education Agency (2008). Texas assessment of knowledge and skills (TAKS). Retrieved from http://www.tea.state.tx.us/student.assessment/ accessed on 4th July 2008

Texas Education Agency (2001). Texas essential knowledge and skills (TEKS). Retrieved from from http://www.tea.state.tx.us/teks/index.html accessed on 4th July 2008

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When you 1-year-old, she fed you and give you a bath, and as a reward, you cried all night

taste of the feelings of the hastily passed

When you 1-year-old, she fed you and give you a bath, and as a reward, you cried all night.

When you three-year-old, she Lianai for you cook, and as a reward, you do the one she threw the food on the ground.

When your 4-year-old, she bought color pens to you, and as a reward, you painted a wall with the dining table.

When your 5-year-old, she bought both to you and your beautiful clothes, and as a reward, after you wear to a nearby pit to play.

When your 7-year-old, she bought a ball to you, and as a reward, you throw the ball to the neighbor’s windows,.

When your 9-year-old, she paid a lot of money to you counselling piano, and as a reward, you often absenteeism and never exercises.

When you 11 years of age, she sent you and a friend to the cinema, and you asked her to sit down to another row.

When you 13 years of age, she suggested that you Jiantou Fa, and you do not know what she said is now the fashionable hairstyles.

When you 14-year-old, she paid you a month of camping fees, and you do not have to fight her a call.

When you 15 years of age, she would like to go home to hug you, and you doors into it.

When you 17 years of age, waiting for her in a phone call and you Pengzhuo played the entire night.

When you 18 years of age, you graduated from high school she moved to the shed tears, and you meet with friends to dawn.

When you 19-year-old, she paid your university tuition fees and give you the first day of school, you asked her to leave the door in the more remote areas alight, the fear of seeing friends will lose face.

When you at age 20, she asked you: «You all day where« «and you replied:» I do not think like you. «

When you 23-year-old, she bought furniture for you so that you layout your new home, and your friend said she bought the furniture is really bad.

When you 30 years of age, she advises how to take care of babies, and you said: «Mother, now has a different era.»

When you 50 years of age, she often sick, the care you need, you read it in a parent on the child’s home Jishen book.
Please carefully here to see the taste of this classic words:              Tree leaves are still while the wind blows, and son to support pro-Budai. With its more grown up, watching from the parents of young change haggard face, hair changed from Wu Si-haired, quick action from the change slowly, and more distressed! Parents always the best, most precious to us, like candles kept burning themselves, to illuminate the children! I do » Have a space to spare my parents, or just parked in the bank when I need only when they think of……

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In fact, the parents should really not much, just a casual greetings of «father, mother, you okay today» «buy at the Xiaoye, cook a meal but to ordinary dinner, before bed to help them build Gaipi Zi, Tim Tianleng help them clothes, wearing gloves so that they can be happy …. warm a long time. Sometimes, I often think: I hope my future children to me how. Now, I have treated my parents so » I believe that people are Central interlocking Now, how do you deal with your parents; after your children on how to question you.

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Friend, Ren Shijian is the most difficult to Fu Muen, I hope we can: to nurturing heart of Fengjing parents to Thanksgiving heart of filial piety!

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Attitudes depend on the mental stability of the individual

Attitudes Depend On The Mental Stability Of The Individual

The desire to fast food, beverages and beer markets have propelled the corporate entities to come up with very creative and captivating  commercials which are directed at both print and electronic media. For instance, the current Tusker, TV commercial, commissioned by the giant brewer East Africa Breweries, is one of its kinds. This can be attributed to the fact that, the image and graphics used which are complimented by a combination of sensational beats, unknowingly to the consumer; the advert leaves one with the desire to have the real taste of the product advertised, and this can be associated to the fact that, the commercial is build around social judgment which can be defined as a social inference. Controlling the innate emotion, the commercial has that smooth touch which has got an approximate appeal to the mind hence affecting the subconscious mind in a way that it makes it hard not to desire the product (Saidda, 2009).

Therefore, this means that the principal attitude that we inhibit is exposed as we attempted to grasp the superficial attitude exuded in the advertisement. With the advance of multi-agent interactive systems and the need of scheming communally aware systems and interfaces to interact with people, it is increasingly important (Raphael, 2000). Using social intelligence the commercial heavily affects individual inference social in relation to alcohol.  A significant percentage of individual attitudes that are either positively or negatively affected. Consider the fact there are those who portrays innate attitudes leaning to extrovertism, while another school exposes that leaning towards introvertism. All in all, they subject themselves in one way or the other to emotional and social manipulation due to the effects transmitted through the advertisement, which whose purpose was to captivate potential clients hence boost the company’s eventual sales (Raphael, 2000).

So, it can be eluded that, the commercial impacts on the individual attitude, depending on the mental stability of that given individual.

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Uses and health effects of silicon and silicones

Uses And Health Effects Of Silicon And Silicones

Silicon is a member of Group 14 (IVA) in the periodic table ands also part of the carbon family that includes elements: carbon, germanium, tin, and lead. Silicon is a metalloid, one of only a very few elements that have characteristics of both metals and non-metals. Silicon is the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, exceeded only by oxygen. Silicon never occurs as a free element. It is always combined with one or more other elements as a compound.  Many rocks and minerals contain silicon; their examples include sand, quartz, clays, flint, amethyst, opal, mica, feldspar, garnet, tourmaline, asbestos, talc, zircon, emerald, and aquamarine.

By the early 1800s, silicon was recognized as an element. But chemists had serious problems preparing pure silicon because it bonds tightly to oxygen. It took chemists many years to find out how to separate silicon from oxygen. That task was finally accomplished in 1823 by Swedish chemist Jons Jakob Berzelius (1779-1848). Silicon’s most important application is in electronic equipment. Silicon is one of the best materials from which to make transistors and computer chips. The total weight of silicon used for this purpose is relatively small. Much larger amounts are used, for example, to make metal alloys.  

In one sense, humans have always used silicon. Nearly every naturally occurring rock or mineral contains some silicon. So when ancient peoples built clay huts or sandstone temples, they were using compounds of silicon. But no one thought about silicon as an element until the nineteenth century. Then, a number of chemists tried to separate silicon from the other elements with which it is combined in the earth. English scientist Sir Humphry Davy (1778-1829) developed a technique for separating elements that tightly bond to each other. He melted these compounds and passed an electric current through them. The technique was successful for producing free or elemental sodium, potassium, calcium, and a number of other elements for the first time. But he failed with silicon.  

Berzelius also tried to isolate silicon using a method similar to that of Davy’s. He mixed molten (melted) potassium metal with a compound known as potassium silicon fluoride (K2SiF6). The result was a new element, namely silicon. Scottish chemist Thomas Thomson (1773-1852) suggested the name silicon, based on the Latin word for «flint,» silex (or silids). He added the ending -on because the new element was so much like boron and carbon. Thus, the new element’s name was accepted as silicon.

Some interesting studies were done on silicon over the next few years. German chemist Friedrich Wohler (1800-82) produced a series of compounds known as silanes. These compounds contain silicon, hydrogen, and, sometimes, other elements. The simplest silane is silicon tetrahydride (SiH4. This compound is also called silane. A group of compounds known as the siloxanes were produced at about the same time. The siloxanes are made up of silicon, oxygen, and an organic group.  

Silanes and siloxanes were not discovered in the search for the answer to any practical question. Chemists were just curious about the kinds of compounds they could make with silicon. But many years later, chemists made some interesting discoveries. Both groups of compounds do have some very important practical uses. For example, the compounds known as silicones are a form of the siloxanes.

Silicon, a metalloid, an element with properties of both metals and non-metals, exists in two allotropic forms. One allotrope is in the form of shiny, grayish-black, needle-like crystals, or flat plates. The second allotrope has no crystal structure and usually occurs as a brown powder. With melting point of 1,410°C (2,570°F), boiling point of 2,355°F (4,270°F), and density of 2.33 grams per cubic centimeter, silicon has a hardness of about 7 on the Mohs scale that is a way of expressing the hardness of a material. It runs from 0 (for talc) to 10 (for diamond). Silicon is a semiconductor. A semiconductor is a substance that conducts an electric current better than a non-conductor—like glass or rubber—but not as well as a conductor—like copper or aluminum. Semiconductors have important applications in the electronics industry.

Silicon is a relatively inactive element at room temperature. It does not combine with oxygen or most other elements. Water, steam, and most acids have very little effect on the element. At higher temperatures, however, silicon becomes much more reactive. In the molten (melted) state, for example, it combines with oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, and other elements. It also forms a number of alloys very easily in the molten state.

Silicon is the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. Its abundance is estimated to be about 27.6 percent of the crust. It ranks second only to oxygen. Some authorities believe that more than 97 percent of the crust is made of rocks that contain compounds of silicon and oxygen. Silicon has been detected in the Sun and stars. It also occurs in certain types of meteorites known as aerolites or «stony meteorites.» Meteorites are rock-like chunks that fall to the Earth’s surface from outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

Silicon never occurs as a free element in nature. It always occurs as a compound with oxygen, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, or other elements. The most common minerals are those that contain silicon dioxide in one form or another. These are known as silicates. Silicon has been detected in the Sun and stars. It also occurs in certain types of meteorites. There are three naturally occurring isotopes of silicon: silicon-28, silicon-29, and silicon-30. None of the radioactive isotopes of silicon has any commercial use.

Silicon is prepared by heating silicon dioxide with carbon. Carbon replaces the silicon in the compound. The silicon formed is 96 to 98 percent pure. Many applications of silicon require a very pure product. Methods have been developed to produce silicon that is at least 99.97 percent pure silicon. This form of silicon is called hyper-pure silicon.  Perhaps the best known use of silicon is in electronic devices. Hyper pure silicon is used in transistors and other components of electronic devices. It is also used to make photovoltaic (solar) cells, rectifiers, and parts for computer circuits. While a photovoltaic cell is a device that converts sunlight into electrical energy, a rectifier is an electrical device for changing one kind of electric current (alternating current, or AC) into another kind of electric current (direct current, or DC). Almost without exception, all glass contains silicon dioxide.

The largest single use of silicon, however, is in making alloys. The most important silicon alloys are those made with iron and steel, aluminum, and copper. When silicon is produced, in fact, scrap iron and metal is sometimes added to the furnace. As soon as the silicon is produced, it reacts with iron and steel to form ferrosilicon, an alloy of iron or steel and silicon. It is used for two major purposes. First, it can be added to steel to improve the strength and toughness of the steel. Second, it can be added during the steel-making process to remove impurities from the steel that is being made.

The aluminum industry uses large amounts of silicon in alloys. These alloys are used to make molds and in the process of welding. Welding is a process by which two metals are joined to each other. Alloys of silicon, aluminum, and magnesium are very resistant to corrosion (rusting). They are often used in the construction of large buildings, bridges, and transportation vehicles such as ships and trains. A number of silicon compounds have specialized uses. Silicon dioxide (sand) is used in the manufacture of glass, ceramics, abrasives, as a food additive, in water filtration systems, as an insulating material, in cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals (drugs), and in the manufacture of paper, rubber, and insecticides. Each of these applications could be the subject of a very long discussion in and of itself. For example, humans have made glass for thousands of years. Today, dozens of different kinds of glass are produced, each with special properties and uses. But almost without exception, they all contain silicon dioxide.

Another important compound is silicon carbide (SiC) which is also known as carborundum, one of the hardest substances known, with a hardness of about 9.5 on the Mohs scale. Carborundum is widely used as an abrasive, a powdery material used to grind or polish other materials. Carborundum also has refractory properties. A refractory material can withstand very high temperatures by reflecting heat. Refractory materials are used to line the inside of ovens used to maintain very high temperatures.

Another important silicon group is the silicones. The silicones have an amazing range of uses. These include toys (Silly Putty and Super balls), lubricants, weatherproofing materials, adhesives (glues), foaming agents, brake fluids, cosmetics, polishing agents, electrical insulation, and materials to reduce vibration, shields for sensitive equipment, surgical implants, and parts for automobile engines. Information on the health effects of silicon is limited. Some studies show that silicon may be needed in very small amounts by plants and some animals. One study showed, for example that chickens that did not receive silicon in their diet developed minor health problems. Overall, silicon probably has no positive or negative effects on human health. However, a serious health problem called silicosis is associated with silicon dioxide (SiO2). Silicon dioxide occurs in many forms in the earth. Ordinary sand is nearly pure silicon dioxide.

In some industries, sand is ground up into a very fine powder that gets into the air. As workers inhale the dust, it travels through their mouths, down their throats, and into their lungs. Silicon dioxide powder can block the tiny air passages in the lungs through which oxygen and carbon dioxide pass; when this happens, silicosis results. Silicosis is similar to pneumonia. The person finds it difficult to breathe. The longer one is exposed to silicon dioxide dust, the worst the problem gets. In the worst cases, silicosis results in death because of the inability to breathe properly.

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Court reporter careers reporting high incomes and new technology

Court Reporter Careers Reporting High Incomes and New Technology

Court reporters have held respected careers in courtrooms for decades. Technology and communication is rapidly expanding to create new transcription experiences and opportunities inside the courtroom and beyond. If you can listen, read and write – a career as a court reporter could be the lucrative career for you.

Court reporter training is no longer limited to pounding the keys of the classic stenomachine at the lightening speed of 200 words per minute. Today, a court reporter is just as likely to be responsible for taping a court proceeding, or creating a verbatim audio record of the proceeding. And these techniques aren’t limited to the court room either.

Court reporters have traditionally been used for court hearings, arbitration hearings, and depositions that require a verbatim transcription of the oral proceeding. Court reporters are also used in business meetings where conversations need to be officially recorded and transcribed, speeches, sales meetings, press conferences, product introductions, and even for translation and closed-captioning for the hard of hearing for classes, broadcasting and web services. In all these instances, an official verbatim transcription of conversations is required or desired.

To create these records a stenotype machine, analog or digital recording devices, or voice writing may be used. A stenomachine is different than a typewriter because it allows for stenotypist to type words, and even sounds and phrases, rather than letters. A stenomachine is usually used with Computer Aided Transcription (CAT). This connects the stenomachine to a computer which translates the input to be printed out almost instantaneously. CATs can also translate a transcription into a different language. Bilingual court reporters are always in high demand. Courses in stenography teach stenotyping skills, and on the job practice perfects the skill. The more years of experience a stenographer has, the faster and more accurate they are likely to be.

An analog or digital recording device is a “tape recorder.” The court reporter is responsible for not only taping the conversations, but for keeping a record of whom is speaking during the proceedings, and ensuring the recording for audibility. Recording a proceeding through a digital recorder is different than Voice Writing. In voice writing, the court reporter will repeat every word of the proceeding from everyone into a microphone. A special mask keeps the court reporter from being heard and interfering with the official proceeding. The court reporter than transcribes the voice recording through a computer aided program, or simply by manually typing the conversation. In addition to transcribing the event, the court reporter is also responsible for editing and ensuring accuracy. They are also responsible for record keeping and producing copies of the transcripts to the requested parties.

A court reporter must have intense listening skills, and excellent grammar and editing skills, as well as organizational skills and a very professional demeanor. Three years of court reporter education will teach you a comprehensive selection of skills and enhance your employability. Courses will include not only technical courses, but also grammar and legalese. Some courses even include anatomy and social behavior. However, three years is not necessary, a court reporter can specialize and get an education in only a year or two. Many states require licensing in addition to education, and may also require a court reporter to be a notary public (which is a fast easy process).

Court reporter careers have expanded to the business world and the entertainment industry thanks to technology. But no matter where the transcription is being made, or how it’s being made, attentiveness and accuracy is a must. If you can concentrate, listen, read and write, a court reporter career could have you start reporting some high salary returns.

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