Ways to make money fast — what everyone wants

Ways to Make Money Fast — What Everyone Wants Let’s face it! Everyone seems to be obsessive about making money. They have their own reasons why they’d need a lot of money. Reasons like making do, buying a new house, purchasing a new car, purchasing an XBOX, and it doesn’t end there. Because, making money […]

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Research on education

Research On Education 1.0 Introduction The Education system in the United States has undergone numerous changes over the past years. Some of the policies passed centered on the need to increase transparency in the education system, others focused on standardization of tests while others aimed at improving the performance disparities between various categories of students. […]

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The san jose unified school district wins honors for its board of education driven public engagement model

The San Jose Unified School District wins honors for its Board of Education Driven Public Engagement Model The San Jose Unified School District has enacted a unique plan to build relationships with the local community in order to overcome an old negative image. The Past Negative Image of the San Jose Schools A series of […]

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Students in north east today and career vision tomorrow

Students In North East Today And Career Vision Tomorrow The road-map for education in the 21st century should focus on developing our abilities to flourish in a world that is fundamentally diverse and unsurprisingly different. We in the North East should focus on knowledge creation through all possible information sources. We have to become a […]

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Moving african american students past stuck point

Moving African American Students Past Stuck Point What causes disproportionate numbers of minority students to become stuck and refrain from taking a seat at the table of opportunity granted them by schools? Dr.John Ogbu, noted scholar, after an extensive survey-based research, shed some light on the working-class, minority, and female youth resistance to school (Ogbu, […]

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Passquick 642-731 exam

Passquick 642-731 exam 642-731 exam Conducting Cisco Unified Wireless Site SurveyExam Number/Code : 642-731 Exam Name : Conducting Cisco Unified Wireless Site Survey Questions and Answers : 52 Q&As Update Time: 2009-12-12 Price: $ 58.00 642-731 Recommended TrainingThe following 642-731 course is the recommended training for 642-731 exam:Conducting Cisco Unified Wireless Site Survey (CUWSS) Courses […]

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Schools without teachers

Schools Without Teachers Schools without teachers Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate. Here in India in the state of Punjab the state government is announcing time and again that they shall be filling up twenty thousand posts of teachers within the next few months and the people have been listening such pronouncements for the last four to […]

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Different ways of effective reading

Different Ways Of Effective Reading In these days we receive a lot of information from all sides by different means, but did anybody think which method of gathering information is the most used and why? Although reading print text is now an important way for the general population to access information, this has not always […]

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