Alternatives to scientific studies

Alternatives to scientific studies There are at least two alternatives to scientific studies. One is to ignore the science and go straight for myth, magic and superstition. The other is to start with a scientific study and then twist it to suit your own purposes. This second appears regularly in the world of science and, […]

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Journalism Career in Journalism is both exciting as well as paying — not only in terms of money but prestige and glamour too. It is an exclusive profession which offers exclusive status and job satisfaction. Career in Journalism is both exciting as well as paying — not only in terms of money but prestige and […]

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Learn japanese fast and effortlessly

Learn Japanese Fast And Effortlessly It is not an impossible task to learn Japanese fast. First, enthusiasm, commitment, and focus can go a long way. Second, it helps to know certain basics. Written Japanese uses three different scripts: * Kanji * Hiragana * Katakana Kanji is composed of Chinese characters. Hiragana and katakana are syllabic […]

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Pepper spray on training day

Pepper Spray On Training Day A female friend of mine who served several years in law enforcement kept a journal of many of her experiences, including training. After sharing with her that I am in the business of marketing pepper sprays, personal alarms, and high voltage stun guns to the general public, she asked if […]

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Mb7-515 exam

MB7-515 Exam MB7-515 Exam topics coveredThe following list includes the topic areas covered on MB7-515 exam. The percentage indicates the portion of the MB7-515 exam that addresses a particular skill. • Application Setup (30 percent)Specific, General, and VAT Posting Groups Determining Posting Groups Managing User Rights, Including Logins, Roles and Permissions, and Advanced Security Setup […]

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Economics term paper

Economics Term Paper Economics term paper is difficult to write for most students because of the complexity of this subject. This kind of assignment requires a sound knowledge of the various terminologies related to this subject. You should also have some working knowledge of other related subjects like business, commerce, marketing, entrepreneurship, sales etc. in […]

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Moving african american students past stuck point

Moving African American Students Past Stuck Point What causes disproportionate numbers of minority students to become stuck and refrain from taking a seat at the table of opportunity granted them by schools? Dr.John Ogbu, noted scholar, after an extensive survey-based research, shed some light on the working-class, minority, and female youth resistance to school (Ogbu, […]

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The new tools of online college classes

The New Tools of Online College Classes With the spread of the internet, many universities began to offer online college classes, up to and including a degree in the field the student chooses. This came with a variety of educational tools; sound files, video files, electronic books and e-mail being only a few advantages. Communication […]

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