Does reading readiness occur at the same age for every child

Does Reading Readiness Occur At The Same Age for Every Child? Reading readiness occurs only when a child is truly ready to learn how to read. Although learning oral language comes naturally to humans, learning to read does not. We must be taught how to read. Keep in mind that every child is different. Reading […]

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The world of handwriting-analysis of gandhi ji

THE WORLD OF HANDWRITING-analysis of gandhi ji GANDHIJI- THE FATHER OF THE NATION Handwriting analysis is a scientific way of knowing a persons personality. You can look into the inner most secrets of a person in a matter of minutes. Gandhi ji, the father of the nation is an extraordinary human being. He himself in […]

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The preschool learning difference

The Preschool Learning Difference The preschool environment is designed to educate young children prior to the age of five — when most children begin kindergarten. Preschool is an optional learning experience; some preschool programs are offered through the public school district, but in most cases preschool is offered privately — either in a non-denominational setting […]

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Pepper spray on training day

Pepper Spray On Training Day A female friend of mine who served several years in law enforcement kept a journal of many of her experiences, including training. After sharing with her that I am in the business of marketing pepper sprays, personal alarms, and high voltage stun guns to the general public, she asked if […]

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Basics steps for backing up your thesis or dissertation work:

BASICS STEPS FOR BACKING UP YOUR THESIS OR DISSERTATION WORK: Professors always recommend backing all your important data in order to avoid any difficulties in future. The question is why this backing is necessary. Many times, we heard a story that the sole copy of someone’s thesis or other important document was damaged due to […]

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Top colleges in connecticut don’t tell parents the complete story about financial aid award letters

Top Colleges in Connecticut Don’t Tell Parents the Complete Story About Financial Aid Award Letters This is an exciting time of year for many Connecticut parents of college bound students because families are receiving and reviewing college awards letters. The college awards letters let the families know the amount and type of financial aid that […]

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