History of iron

History of Iron Evidence suggests that iron has been used since the last 5000 years. It is found everywhere across the world and it is the cheapest metal. Iron comes from minerals known as magnetite and hematite and it can also be found in other minerals like siderite, limonite and taconite. It is a wide […]

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Definition of the epistemology

Definition of the Epistemology It is not very easy to understand the meaning of epistemology theory, because it is connected to a huge size and understanding of feminism. There exist three main points in feminism: empiricist, feminist itself, and postmodern. And now we are going to discuss a bit all of these three categories. The […]

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Five reasons to try your hand at found art

Five Reasons to Try Your Hand at Found Art When considering the prospect of creating found art (also termed «junk» art), you may wonder to yourself if it is, in fact, an art-form. To that I say, look at the work of photographic artist Andy Goldsworthy (more astonishing than his artistic eye is the fact […]

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Tantra iv

Tantra Iv Tantra — The Serpentine Ascent Part IV Self Actualisation is the Goal Immortality or Self-Actualisation, which is the Ultimate aim of Tantra, is achieved by the aspirant due to Tantric sadhanas. He will not fall into the trap of selfish temptations He will exhibit divine Love, patience and fortitude, the qualities of a […]

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The big four

The Big Four Collis Huntington, Leland Stanford, Charles Crocker and Mark Hopkins, better known to history as the «Big Four,» were instrumental in building the Central Pacific Railroad and developing California’s railroad system in the years between 1861 and 1900. Of modest origins, all were born or had lived in upstate New York prior to […]

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Who invented fireworks

Who Invented Fireworks Fireworks have existed for several thousand years. Many historians believe that the Chinese are credited with the invented of fireworks over 2000 to 2500 years back. The early fireworks were discovered by accident by these ancient people when bamboo sticks exploded in their camp fires. These people were so much frightened by […]

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Exambible 642-262 exam preparation exams eb39

Exambible 642-262 exam preparation exams eb39 Exam Number: 642-262 Associated Certifications: Cisco Available Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Korean, French, Portuguese Exam Name : Implementing Cisco Unity Connection Questions and Answers : 50 Q&As Q&As Update Time: May 12th,2010 Price:  $148.00 $89.00 Many candidates have unrealistic expectations and participate in Cisco Certification exam, but […]

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Facts behind amber gemstone

Facts Behind Amber Gemstone The resin from the Pine trees dripped and oozed down into rocks and got fossilized to create amber. In Austria, Paleolithic man (45000 — 12000 B.C.) used this gem. Nomadic hunters from the Mesolithic age (12000 — 4000 B.C.) used this gem to hunt animals and carve their hunting seasons and […]

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