Attitudes depend on the mental stability of the individual

Attitudes Depend On The Mental Stability Of The Individual The desire to fast food, beverages and beer markets have propelled the corporate entities to come up with very creative and captivating  commercials which are directed at both print and electronic media. For instance, the current Tusker, TV commercial, commissioned by the giant brewer East Africa […]

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Holistic health certificate programs

Holistic Health Certificate Programs Find Holistic Health Certificate Programs in the United States and Canada. Individuals drawn to natural healing and noninvasive healthcare find that enrolling in any number of holistic health certificate programs provides them with the education and training necessary to become a professional holistic health consultant or practitioner. Typical holistic health certificate […]

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Students in north east today and career vision tomorrow

Students In North East Today And Career Vision Tomorrow The road-map for education in the 21st century should focus on developing our abilities to flourish in a world that is fundamentally diverse and unsurprisingly different. We in the North East should focus on knowledge creation through all possible information sources. We have to become a […]

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Knowing the german language is an advantage in business and travel

Knowing the German Language is an Advantage in Business and Travel German language may not be the first choice when one wants to learn a foreign language. How the language sounds maybe daunting for non-speakers but 100 million of the world populace from 38 countries speak German. Here are several reasons why one should consider […]

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Facts behind amber gemstone

Facts Behind Amber Gemstone The resin from the Pine trees dripped and oozed down into rocks and got fossilized to create amber. In Austria, Paleolithic man (45000 — 12000 B.C.) used this gem. Nomadic hunters from the Mesolithic age (12000 — 4000 B.C.) used this gem to hunt animals and carve their hunting seasons and […]

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Astronomia vedica ii

Astronomia Vedica Ii Astronomia Vedica – Part II Cosmological Time Cycles in Indian Astronomy Long before Copernicus, Galileo & Ptolemy, Aryabhata propounded the Heliocentric Theory of Gravitation, that all planets revolve around the Sun due to celestial gravity. The term given to Celestial Gravity was Guru-tva-Akarshana, which also has a philosophic meaning. Guru represents the […]

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Car loans

Car Loans According to the statistics, 1 million of those people who buy the car in the United States have to apply for receiving of the loan. During the last years people spend more and more money for the vehicle. In the US 6 million of people are looking for the second hand car. Majority […]

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Herbal programs today

Herbal Programs Today Find Herbal programs in the United States and Canada. While it may seem bizarre to some to enroll in herbal programs, you might be surprised on what all you can learn in one of these comprehensive and complementary healthcare programs. Believe it or not, there are a growing number of herbal medicine […]

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