Attitudes depend on the mental stability of the individual

Attitudes Depend On The Mental Stability Of The Individual The desire to fast food, beverages and beer markets have propelled the corporate entities to come up with very creative and captivating  commercials which are directed at both print and electronic media. For instance, the current Tusker, TV commercial, commissioned by the giant brewer East Africa […]

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Easy tips for shredding on your electric guitar

4 Easy Tips For Shredding On Your Electric Guitar Teaching yourself how to play electric guitar can be difficult and time consuming for most people. Actually learning to shred on your electric guitar is even harder. There are some very simple things you can do though, to make the art of shredding easier to master […]

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Becoming a modern day fireman

Becoming a Modern Day Fireman What is a fireman? At first look this is quite a silly question and the answer to this, for most people is obvious, a fireman is someone who puts out fires. However, if you want to become a fireman today then you need to fully understand the modern day role […]

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Teachers praise interactive white boards

Teachers Praise Interactive White Boards Old dusty chalkboards are a thing of the past.  Today’s students are used to technology being around them everywhere they go, and the classroom is no different.  The “chalkboard” of today has arrived with the development of an interactive digital whiteboard.   In a recent study on tools that are changing […]

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