Organising the school management — colegio luso internacional do porto — a study by artur victoria

Organising the School Management — Colegio Luso Internacional Do Porto — A Study by Artur Victoria The school management must actively endeavor to establish the broadest possible partnership. In this way many persons with special qualifications and with occupational experience of different working environments can be made to participate in instruction. The work done by […]

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Several dangers that are waiting for you in college

Several Dangers That Are Waiting For You in College Don’t be afraid, these damages concern more social problems. But they are really serious. Students who live in campus think that they can do whatever they want without paying attention to what is good and what is not. Here the four damages that are waiting for […]

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The life cycle of the honey bee

The Life Cycle of the Honey Bee A beekeeper, whether a casual hobbyist or a huge commercial producer, can not succeed unless they comprehend the life cycle of the honey bee. The honey bees life cycle is a unique and fascinating process. It all starts with the egg. The hives queen bee lays an egg […]

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Solutions to problems associated with development of sports facilities in rural and urban communities

Solutions to problems associated with development of sports facilities in rural and urban communities SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS ASSOCIATED WITH DEVELOPMENT OF SPORTS FACILTIES IN RURAL AND URBAN COMMUNITIES By P. G. Akintunde (PhD) and V. O. Akintunde (Mrs.) Department of Vocational and Special Education University of Calabar, Calabar. Cross River State, Nigeria ABSTRACT One of […]

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Astronomia vedica ii

Astronomia Vedica Ii Astronomia Vedica – Part II Cosmological Time Cycles in Indian Astronomy Long before Copernicus, Galileo & Ptolemy, Aryabhata propounded the Heliocentric Theory of Gravitation, that all planets revolve around the Sun due to celestial gravity. The term given to Celestial Gravity was Guru-tva-Akarshana, which also has a philosophic meaning. Guru represents the […]

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Vedic astrology xxxi

Vedic Astrology Xxxi Vedic Astrology Lesson 31 Lunations or Thidhis Tidhi means a lunation. When the Moon is 0 to 12 degrees away from the Sun, it is the first Lunation or Prathama. The second lunation is Dwitheeya, when the Moon is 12 to 24 degrees away from the Sun. There are 15 Thithis in […]

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Fats and its features

Fats And Its Features Fats and oils are made from two kinds of molecules: glycerol (a type of alcohol with a hydroxyl group on each of its three carbons) and three fatty acids joined by dehydration synthesis. Since there are three fatty acids attached, these are known as triglycerides. «Bread» and pastries from a «bread factory» often contain […]

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