What to take with you to college

What To Take With You To College The excitement of college can be overwhelming, but there is also work to be done.  If you’re headed to a college far away from home, knowing what to pack for college will give you a sense of peace as you put miles between you and your parents.  So […]

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Be safe on your motorcycle

Be Safe on Your Motorcycle Riding on a motorcycle is fun and exciting. Nothing feels better on a warm afternoon then being on one, feeling the light breeze and the sun as you travel. However, it is vital that you take motorcycle safety very seriously as it only takes a second for you to be […]

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Dissecting journalistic decorum in the digital age

Dissecting Journalistic Decorum in the Digital Age As the newspaper industry weathers the upheavals wrought by modern technology and 24 hour cable news continues to blur the line between tabloid gossip and real reporting, it is all the more important for university journalism departments to impress upon students the importance — even the necessity — […]

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Solutions to problems associated with development of sports facilities in rural and urban communities

Solutions to problems associated with development of sports facilities in rural and urban communities SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS ASSOCIATED WITH DEVELOPMENT OF SPORTS FACILTIES IN RURAL AND URBAN COMMUNITIES By P. G. Akintunde (PhD) and V. O. Akintunde (Mrs.) Department of Vocational and Special Education University of Calabar, Calabar. Cross River State, Nigeria ABSTRACT One of […]

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Global warming are we to blame

Global Warming Are We To Blame Global warming is one of those topics that I still find myself wondering what to truly believe. Is our CO2 production really the culprit in the warming of the planet? Or are there some other larger influences at play here. I have a hard time believing mankind’s activities are […]

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The beekeepers seasons and honeybee activity (part 1)

The Beekeepers Seasons And Honeybee Activity (Part 1) Months in this article relate to the northern hemisphere cool temperate climate. January In the beehive: If it is very cold, the bees will be clustered tightly together.  There will be no brood yet, but the bees are not asleep.  They are generating heat by taking in […]

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Television vs

Television vs. Books If we compare the energy used between watching television and reading books, the television definitely uses more power as it works with the presence of electricity. In fact, almost four percent of the energy used in a home is contributed by the exploit of television. And now almost every household feature at […]

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