Breaking into the video game design field

Breaking Into The Video Game Design Field If you’re a dedicated gamer, you’ve probably said more than once, «I should go into video game design, I could make stuff even cooler than this!» In fact, there is currently a great demand for individuals in the video game industry, but not everyone who loves to play […]

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Creating the ultimate dorm room bed

Creating the Ultimate Dorm Room Bed First, remember that most dorm room mattresses are at least 5-years old.  That mattress has seen a lot of use and over-use in that time, and dorm beds aren’t known for comfort.  There are few easy things you can do to create the Ultimate Dorm Room Bed! With rare […]

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Global warming are we to blame

Global Warming Are We To Blame Global warming is one of those topics that I still find myself wondering what to truly believe. Is our CO2 production really the culprit in the warming of the planet? Or are there some other larger influences at play here. I have a hard time believing mankind’s activities are […]

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The beekeepers seasons and honeybee activity (part 1)

The Beekeepers Seasons And Honeybee Activity (Part 1) Months in this article relate to the northern hemisphere cool temperate climate. January In the beehive: If it is very cold, the bees will be clustered tightly together.  There will be no brood yet, but the bees are not asleep.  They are generating heat by taking in […]

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A quick lesson about charms

A Quick Lesson About Charms There are so many different designs, styles and types of charms that it is hard to believe most are made just two different ways. Knowing a bit about how charms are made will add to your appreciation of their beauty, plus it may also help you select the best charms […]

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