Alternatives to scientific studies

Alternatives to scientific studies There are at least two alternatives to scientific studies. One is to ignore the science and go straight for myth, magic and superstition. The other is to start with a scientific study and then twist it to suit your own purposes. This second appears regularly in the world of science and, […]

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What is an "unschedule

What Is An "unschedule?" Time can be your friend or your enemy.  For many people who have «free time» to accomplish long-term projects or writing tasks, it is a merciless tyrant.  It is just too easy to allow the slightly harder task to slide, as you fill in your day with the humdrum and the […]

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Facts behind amber gemstone

Facts Behind Amber Gemstone The resin from the Pine trees dripped and oozed down into rocks and got fossilized to create amber. In Austria, Paleolithic man (45000 — 12000 B.C.) used this gem. Nomadic hunters from the Mesolithic age (12000 — 4000 B.C.) used this gem to hunt animals and carve their hunting seasons and […]

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Top 21 books on brain health, fitness and training, neuroplasticity and neurogenesis

Top 21 Books on Brain Health, Fitness and Training, Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis Copyright (c) 2008 SharpBrains Given the growing media coverage of brain fitness and brain training, we have produced this compilation of the Top 21 Books that help understand these trends, the research behind them, and the implications for all of us. For your […]

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