History of iron

History of Iron Evidence suggests that iron has been used since the last 5000 years. It is found everywhere across the world and it is the cheapest metal. Iron comes from minerals known as magnetite and hematite and it can also be found in other minerals like siderite, limonite and taconite. It is a wide […]

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Detroit schools in motor city – heading for disaster

Detroit Schools in Motor City – Heading for Disaster? Ah, Detroit. While the smell of rubber and welding may no longer emanate through the air in this city of automotive manufacturing, the schools are still working to keep production up; the production of well-educated, successful members of society. In the last decade, Detroit Public Schools […]

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Traditional chinese new year food

Traditional Chinese New Year Food Chinese New Year food is a big part of any new year celebration. In fact, the food is nothing less than central to the festivities. The Chinese New Year is similar to the Western one, but the differences are key. It is considered to be one of the most important […]

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Improve your iq- 16 steps

Improve Your IQ- 16 Steps The brain is the organ that is responsible for our thoughts and to enhance our mental ability, there are various ways that we can develop IQ accordingly. Take note of the following because these things may help you in discovering how: Writing Is Essential Do you write more often than […]

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Ancient wars between india and iran

Ancient Wars Between India And Iran Indians and Iranians shared a common religious past, which led historians to sometimes even term the common ancestral religion as Proto-Indo-Iranian religion. Have we ever understood the implications of this common religious past on the historical studies of the two regions? It is probable that the two communities were […]

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This enormous increase of population will create immense problems

This enormous increase of population will create immense problems The Japanese figures are the same as our own country in overall land—1.1 acres per person, but it is a very mountainous country with volcanoes, and so much less is cultivable. Less than a fifty of an acre—0.17 of an acre—is under cultivation. You see at […]

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So you wanna have a college degree do ya

So You Wanna Have a College Degree Do Ya?…….Part2 In the Part 1 our hapless hero has had pretty much everything that can go wrong go wrong for him on his way out the door and in to work. Once he arrives there….late….things don’t improve and he has now been summoned to the office of […]

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