Traditional chinese new year food

Traditional Chinese New Year Food Chinese New Year food is a big part of any new year celebration. In fact, the food is nothing less than central to the festivities. The Chinese New Year is similar to the Western one, but the differences are key. It is considered to be one of the most important […]

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Tips for preparing for your high school graduation, part 2

Tips For Preparing For Your High School Graduation, Part 2 The choices for graduation parties are pretty much endless and you are only limited to your own imagination. Decide whether you’d like to have an open house type of party with a lot of friends and family milling about or if you’re interested in a […]

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Make money for college by working online

Make Money For College By Working Online! If you need to make money for college before you start and help you save up some money for college then I highly recommed trying to make money for college online. Let me tell you a little about myself and why I am recommending trying to make money […]

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Find free college scholarships for high school students

Find Free College Scholarships for High School Students If you are a high school senior, you know that college is looming. You might have picked a few favorite schools. Maybe you have even been accepted to your dream school. The only remaining question is how you are going to pay for your education. You could […]

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How to pass an exam: four important steps to success

How to Pass an Exam: Four Important Steps to Success It is hard to make yourself ready for exams during the semester. There are so many temptations in a college life: constant parties, activities, friends, love relationship etc. All things listed above make students forget about future exams and their main responsibility in college. However, […]

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California school nutrition day of reckoning

California School Nutrition Day of Reckoning Sometimes nutrition change is gradual, and sometimes it happens literally overnight. Very soon, the dietary habits and practices of California Public Schools will be forever changed. The change, which many are still unaware, or unprepared for, will take place July 7, 2007 when California Senate Bill 12 finally takes […]

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Zeno and stoicism

Zeno and Stoicism The legend says that Zeno lived a tough, merciless life. He wore ragged cloths, ate raw food, drank just water, had a plain personality, and ignored any rain, heat and pain. One may find this to be too savage, but just this would be proper and complete life for a Stoics. When […]

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Work from home jobs in dallas

Work From Home Jobs in Dallas One may find the opportunity of working at home as an alternative way of making income. To some, this is the perfect job to hold their free time and working at any time they want. Ask yourself. Are you fed up with the current trend in your work life? […]

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