School fundraising software — going beyond the traditional campaign

School Fundraising Software — Going Beyond The Traditional Campaign We all remember the long arduous days of selling gift wrap and candy door-to-door for a local school fundraiser, unsure if you were going to be able to raise enough money and get the «prize» you longed for. Those days have come and gone. Fundraisers have […]

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Find free college scholarships for high school students

Find Free College Scholarships for High School Students If you are a high school senior, you know that college is looming. You might have picked a few favorite schools. Maybe you have even been accepted to your dream school. The only remaining question is how you are going to pay for your education. You could […]

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Scholarships for moms program — focusing with your goal of going back to school

Scholarships for Moms Program — Focusing with Your Goal of Going Back to School The scholarship for moms program by President Obama has gained popularity since this surprise package was declared. I am sure you have checked the benefits you can gain form the program aside form the $10,000 cash that will be given to […]

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Student credit cards and school supplies

Student Credit Cards and School Supplies Since students find that often they do not have enough money to buy all the supplies that they need during the course of the year many times a credit card is used to make up the difference. When you do select a card you should make sure that you […]

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High school graduation cards and graduation card for college graduates

High School Graduation Cards and Graduation Card for College Graduates Graduation Cards and FREE Graduation Card for the Graduate! Obviously, your Graduation from high school, college, law school, or any other educational institution is going to be a very important event for a student. It opens up new doors and starts them on the next […]

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Buying a house

Buying a House? Make Sure to Use This Online Property Records Check! It’s always fun when you’re shopping for a house, but it has the ability to be pretty on the stressful side. Sadly, it’s not just as easy as finding a home and handing over a check. In today’s article we are talking about […]

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