School fundraising software — going beyond the traditional campaign

School Fundraising Software — Going Beyond The Traditional Campaign We all remember the long arduous days of selling gift wrap and candy door-to-door for a local school fundraiser, unsure if you were going to be able to raise enough money and get the «prize» you longed for. Those days have come and gone. Fundraisers have […]

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Practice helps you learn guitar by ear

Practice Helps You Learn Guitar By Ear For most of us, learning an instrument requires an enormous amount of dedication %u2013 understanding fundamental principles and techniques before embarking upon long practices. Practicing long hours will finally reward the student with a working knowledge of the instrument. And, if they are lucky, after many years of […]

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This enormous increase of population will create immense problems

This enormous increase of population will create immense problems The Japanese figures are the same as our own country in overall land—1.1 acres per person, but it is a very mountainous country with volcanoes, and so much less is cultivable. Less than a fifty of an acre—0.17 of an acre—is under cultivation. You see at […]

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Show jumps are part of english style competitions

Show Jumps Are Part Of English Style Competitions Show jumps are usually found in English style horse competitions. It is not to say they only happen in England, that is not the case at all, it is just the name of the most common style of horse competitions. Known as show jumping or stadium jumping, […]

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Anyameluhor:the making of inalu;birth of eze

Anyameluhor:the Making of Inalu;birth of Eze I don’t think there is any place in igbo land that is as learned as Asaba.they took full advantage of their early contact with the europeans. However,this is mainly because they are a proud race and often looks down on their neigbours. This article is written mainly from oral […]

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