Rudolph flesch rocks the world of reading

Rudolph Flesch Rocks The World Of Reading Summary: The top educators in most English-speaking countries have waged a relentless war against Flesch. His crime: being correct about reading. Their crime: being comfortable with illiteracy. Rudolph Flesch wrote two famous books, «Why Johnny Cant Read» (1955) and «Why Johnny STILL Cant Read» (1981). I read both […]

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Why was the white house painted white

Why Was the White House Painted White? White House is a well known building where it is the official working place as well as residence place for the President of United States. It is situated at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington. The building is unique and it is built by an Irish name James Hoban. […]

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What does cigna stand for in a name

What Does Cigna Stand For In A Name? A single word can have so many meanings as everyone lays claim to brand their products and services.  When you ask what does CIGNA stand for, a possible reply is an acronym for Connecticut General Life Insurance Company.  It carries all types of insurance for health, life, […]

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Iipm b school — grooming workshop – rhetorix club

IIPM B SCHOOL — GROOMING WORKSHOP – RHETORIX CLUB IIPM Events organized a 4 day corporate grooming workshop leaving no stone unturned before the PGP/SS 07-09 batch sits for their global class placements. Exclusively orgainised for the IInd year students the workshop had a cumulative registration from more than 400 participants.   DAY: 1 FINISHING […]

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Military schools academy introduction

Military Schools Academy Introduction Different countries have different definitions for their military academies or institutions, but then, Military Schools generally refer to Military academic institutions. Military Academies are usually of three types High school level, University Level Institutions and those that cater only to army officers and cadets. Most countries usually run only the last […]

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